Photos from parts of the US including New York, Miami and Washington  

If Europe offers a look at the roots of western civilisation, then the US of A shows you its current state of incredible excess. An international powerhouse of culture, politics and economics, America is a melting pot of unique experiences. From the purely natural to the decidedly synthetic, at least one of its 50 states will have an option for your travel needs. You can take in the staggering views over the Grand Canyon and drive only 4 hours to enter the neon gates of Las Vegas. Or, on the opposite coast, you could literally chow down a hot dog from a street vendor in New York and stand at the edge of the monstrous Niagara Falls in the same day. Looking to cross off as many items on your bucket list as quickly as possible? Take a trip to the States.


Empire State Building in New York City - USA

NEW YORK CITY   My first trip to New York City left me wanting more. The Empire State building, Times Square, Central Park, pizza, cheesecake, shopping - I fell instantly in love. Read all about my highlights reel here!