I'm a traveller, writer and lover of all things new and exciting.

Nothing moves me quite so much as the idea of discovering new places, walking down unknown roads, eating foreign foods, learning new words and using them (undoubtedly incorrectly) and seeing smiles on unfamiliar faces.

Just writing about it gets me nervously excited and anxious to book a plane ticket.

I've travelled to many places and lived in a few.

While some might think my thirst for adventure will someday be quenched,  I know that this cannot be true: it runs through my very veins. It is one of my greatest and proudest distinguishers.

As I love to travel, it undeniably follows that I love to share my travels with those equally enamoured with the world.

I hope you enjoy my stories, my adventures and misadventures, and feel inspired as you read along.

Feel free to comment, query or question on my blog, or send me a message at lcester@roamatdawn.com